WP Tangerine is a WordPress support service with the intent of “helping people rock WordPress” as stated on their website.

Their business model is built around WordPress Management, which includes expert WordPress support, development, design, maintenance, optimization, site security, updates, site improvements, emergency support, and advice, coupled with excellent customer support.

They let their users submit unlimited number of tasks in areas like website cleanup, search engine optimization optimization, design, WordPress website development, quick fixes, upgrades, code error removal, content creation, and the list goes on.

If you’re a website owner, WP Tangerine will be able to help you with these sort of tasks.

WP Tangerine has been around for a couple of years now and are really becoming the industry leader within the website support and maintenance space.

Think of them as the new and even a better alternative to WP Curve. You remember that WP Curve was always the choiced WordPress support service when they were still in operation. Of course since GoDadddy bought out WP Curve, in 2016, there’s been a lot of talks on which services are the next best alternative to WP Curve. If you’ve been unsure about which service it really is, now you know it could be WP Tangerine.

Why? Because they know their stuff inside and out, and offer a variety of great options for their customers.

Based on expert reviews available online and given the experience of their customers, WP Tangerine can pass for a reliable service provider.

In fact, on their website, they have a lot of thrilling customer testimonials from real people and companies who have used their services and they are all satisfied and happy to recommend WP Tangerine.

WP Tangerine stands out amongst other website support and maintenance services in the following ways:

  • First off, they specialize in WordPress, which indicates expertise and good if you want a service that knows WP perfectly.
  • Second, they let you submit unlimited number of tasks with just a small monthly fee. This, in comparison to most other services, is good. With most other services, you’ll only end up paying for limited number of requests. WP Tangerine says the tasks will be worked on for up to 1 hour per business day (2 hours for the Pro Plus plan).
  • Third, WP Tangerine offers excellent, 27/7 customer support. They’ll literally update you daily on every step and action taken to make your website and blog better. You need WordPress support services whenever you need them, which is not necessarily during a typical 9 – 5 business day.
  • WP Tangerine seems to follow a simple process to bring users on board and in completing tasks. Their website shows that all you have to do is: Sign up >> Submit tasks >> Kick back and and focus on the bigger picture and enjoy more free time. No reason to complicate things. No need to learn any new software or figure out any complicated business process.
  • Additionally, their customers can cancel at any time because all plans offered by the WordPress support service are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and there are no long-term contract. This could mean WP Tangerine are so confident that their plans and service will meet users’ needs and expectations that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

The WP Tangerine team understands how difficult it is sometimes to get excellent and professional support for WordPress sites. So they’ve positioned themselves to help busy entrepreneurs and website owners solve the most basic WordPress problems without you having to face any difficulties.

The WP Tangerine platform seems very easy to use. This is specially designed to benefit new and inexperienced WordPress users and also busy people like you. On their website, they state that all you have to do is signup and submit your tasks and requests via email.

The WP Tangerine team is experienced in and can help you with a variety of WordPress tasks, including:

  • Development and Design: The WordPress tech service also mentions on their website that they also specialize in WP development and design. This means they can help to develop a completely new website and blog for you and as well give it a professional design you’d love.
  • Optimization: One reason you want to get online is to get found by more people. You cannot really do this without good search engine ranking. WP Tangerine offers their users optimization services. They can optimize your website for higher search engine rankings and take care of everything that is needed for the influx of search traffic.
  • Quick Fixes: Whether it’s bugs, white screen of death, plugin malfunctions, theme defections caused by an update, WP Tangerine can be there for in all the difficult times.
  • Maintenance: The site also offers ongoing WordPress maintenance services so that your website can remain smooth all the time.
    In fact, WP Tangerine does everything WordPress related. They’re committed to solving any problem as long as it is within the WordPress sphere.
  • Upgrades and Updates of Your Site: So that you don’t make mistakes that can sabotage your business and jeopardize your website user experience, the WP Tangerine team says they can help you with upgrading and updating your WordPress website elements like themes, plugins, software etc.
  • Regular, High-quality Content: WP Tangerine has an in-house team of excellent content writers. They can help you with specialized content like blog posts, website content, newsletters, ebooks etc.