When it comes to website maintenance, there are a couple of things to know. Although, it should be pointed out that a lot of concerns are actually just because people don’t know what to maintain. Sometimes, they think that after publishing their sites that their work is done. They come into a harsh realization that it indeed requires more and consistent work.

The truth is, it is really expensive and time-consuming to have a website. It might be easy to maintain your word press site because of the easy interface but you still need to devote at least checking the site once in a while.

Here are some key points why you need to maintain your site.


Content is usually the most common thing that you need updating. It could be a minor tweak on the words, the contact info, or a new blog post or page. This is very basic to a site and in fact, it is actually very important to have this updated regularly. Search engines would love it and it will also show to your audience that indeed this is a working site.

The good news? Well, you can easily update and maintain your word press site. It is pretty easy once you have done it. So at least learn how to use the WordPress Dashboard, know how to add image, blogs, pages, and so on. You don’t really need to hire a developer for this.


If you have checked a website that was built 2 or 3 years ago, you will be surprised with the huge difference in look and design! It is because design goes along with technology, it evolves continuously! So you want to make sure your design is up to date too. You don’t want to have a design that looks like from ages ago. People judge you by appearance so try to make your design that stands out but also something that is relevant in today’s world! This may require an expert’s eye to actually judge. A good web designer can easily eye what needs improvement and maintenance on your site.


Of course, you want to have good security to your website. We sometimes neglect this factor but when you are to face this problem, you would be shocked on how hassle and time-consuming it is. Your developer will not be able to tackle this immediately and sometimes it may cause issues that can affect your site. This is not acceptable for e-commerce sites that require counting every minute.

So these are the three things you have to note when updating or maintaining your site. Try it out and of course, hire someone who is able to help you with those three.