When you’re looking to hire a WordPress support and maintenance service provider to work on and take care of your website, it’s important that you research and study about the different options available in the market.

Some of the key things you should look at are reviews and comparisons. Today, we want to review and compare two big and well-known WP support and maintenance services: WP Fix It and WP Tangerine.

Let’s get to this thing right so.


WP Tangerine Review

WP Tangerine are a team of WordPress aficionados who work as support and maintenance experts for everything WordPress related. They’ve been described as the appropriate replacement and alternative to WP Curve (which was acquired by GoDaddy).

WP Tangerine seems to have served a heap of happy customers as they have plenty of testimonials from many verifiable happy customers on their website. They particularly list the full name and companies (with links) of every person who testify of their great work.

Website downtime can be costly to any business. Not just financially, but it can be damaging to your brand and reputation if customers are experiencing problems accessing your site. WP Tangerine takes this burden off of your shoulders so you can rest easy knowing your website is in safe hands.

WP Tangerine clients range from food providers, startups, environmentalists, real estate services, medical clinics, legal firms, tech companies, e-commerce, roofing and carpet companies, jewelry manufacturers, landscaping, media companies, and tour companies.

WP Tangerine unique. They offer WordPress development, design, advice, maintenance, optimization, and updates, security, SEO, and everything WordPress.

WP Tangerine lets you submit unlimited tasks 24/7, with a one business day turnaround and priority emergency care. This is great because you can reach out to them at anytime even for emergency site care and they’ll respond quickly.

Their pricing are flexible too as they have three monthly plans starting from $147. They offer free website review as well, even to none customers.

These monthly plans mean there are no long term contracts so you don’t get stuck. You can cancel at anytime or even take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee they offer.

In conclusion, WP Tangerine is trustworthy and you can hire them with assurance that they’ll deliver a clean job.


WP Fix It Review

WP Fix It is another WordPress support company. The major difference between WP Tangerine and WP Fix It is that the latter charges a one-off fee of $39 to fix one WordPress issue. This is unlike WP Tangerine that charges a fix monthly fee to fix unlimited issues and perform whatever WP related tasks you submit. This means with WP Tangerine, instead of paying per job, you can submit an unlimited amount of tasks for one monthly fee.

According to the WP Fix It website, they state that they offer WordPress site owners and developers instant support and are available to tackle any WordPress-related tasks you may have anytime.

Their target customers are anyone who has a WordPress website or are involved in developing WordPress related plugins, add-ons, and other apps. The company offers online support, so anyone can seek immediate resolution to these issues and keep their site running smoothly.

WP Fix It offers infection/malware/virus removal, infection insurance, site speed-up services, and a complete website management and support service. If you are looking to hand over the management of your site ,WP Fix It are waiting for your call.

On WP Fix It’s plans and pricing they have is a flat fee of $39 to fix any one-off issue, as mentioned earlier. If the issue is not resolved for any reason, you get your money back.

They also do site speed-up services for $97, and virus and malware removal for $87.



Which of these two services should you choose? That totally depends on what you want. But one potential downside with WP Fix It is the lack of an “unlimited” plan if you have lots of things you’d like to tweak on your site. Of course on the flipside, WP Tangerine lets you submit unlimited tasks 24/7.

So if you have just one issue to fix, you can go with WP Fix It for just $39. And if you’d like to receive unlimited assistance to unlimited jobs, then WP Tangerine is what you need.