It happened to everyone, at least once: you’re experiencing an issue on your WordPress website. A new plugin you installed that conflicts with your installation, a custom code your wrongly added in the functions.phpfile. Whatever could go wrong, it did.

Beautiful thing is you can get help. While WordPress provides its own channels to go and look for help, there are plenty of pretty active and useful others you might want to have a look. If you don’t have the money to outsource to a WordPress professional or a WordPress support service like WP Curve or WP Tangerine, then below are some active social media groups you can get help from until you’re able to go for professional help.


Q&A WordPress websites

Linkedin WordPress groups

Facebook WordPress groups

All these groups might look scary at first, mostly because you’d feel you’re not experienced enough, or you might receive harsh answers. But these are exceptions that happen all the times online. So don’t let them prevent you from asking for help and keep remembering: there are no stupid questions yet there are inappropriate and ineffective ways to ask for help.