As a dependable and popular WordPress resource, we get quite a lot of  requests for 1-to-1 WordPress support. We would love to help everyone out with specific questions and technical support, but really it’s just a matter of time that’s required for our own work, etc. So as you might suspect, we frequently see emails that look like this:

I understand that you are not able to give 1:1 support, so I would like to ask: where (web, forum, IRC) do I get answers about this?

So people are out there looking for a place to get hands-on, one-to-one help for their self-hosted WordPress-related issues. Apparently these days it’s not easy to find. As one reader recently lamented:

The WP forums seem to be pretty dead, I asked some questions there and never got responses or not in a reasonable time. I tried the IRC chat, but no-one seems to know something about SVN there too

Whether or not that’s true, we wanted to put together a solid resource for folks to use for finding good WordPress help and where readers could leave comments with their information. Since we’re focusing on one-to-one WordPress help, feel free to shout out any names or resources you might know of (including your own) in the comment section.

Where to get WordPress help

So without further ado, here’s our list of places to go for WordPress help (in no particular order):

Also check out the WP Codex page for finding and getting WordPress help.