WordPress video support is solid and and HTML5 videos are played natively by the major browsers.

  • You do not mention the source of these videos, but I would recommend using ones from reputable sources (for example: some random video site will not necessarily have clean videos, and you also do not want to pass on viruses or malware.)
  • Some WordPress themes are optimized for video sharing, so look carefully when choosing a theme.
  • Longer videos can be problematic for smooth playback, so consider sharing shorter pieces.
  • You can use code and CSS to have more control over video performance. Understanding the video and audio tags and tweaking your website is helpful.
  • How you host your site will impact streaming quality, so consider your budget and how much time/expertise you have for support. To truly optimize a web site for streaming video using a dedicated server and larger bandwidth is needed, which will take money and/or tech savvy. Or, if you are sharing primarily with friends then accept you’ll have some delays with typical hosting packages.
  • Understanding how HTML5 plays videos will help you make better choices.

WordPress sites built correctly are not slow! WordPress can be a great platform if running on a good hosting plan.

I host on a dedicated server. Sites load quickly and videos run great!

You can upload the videos and host them locally, in which case wordpress will automatically embed a player if you simply insert a video into a page the same way you would insert an image in a page.

Or you can insert videos from a youtube account, which helps with SEO, especially if the videos are SEO optimized on Youtube in the first place!