Chances are that if you’ve been online a while, your WordPress site has run into some sort of trouble.


When your WordPress runs into trouble, where do you turn to for help?

One place is surely the WordPress forum!

If things don’t go as we wanted, mostly if they affect our online business, we need to fix them in the shortest time we’re able to. The very first place you should start looking for tips on how to address your current issue are WordPress forums.

You can quickly browse through them even via Google by using the “” operator + your keyword.

As for any other online communities, WordPress forums have guidelines to follow:

  • Research to see if your issues have already been addressed or posted by someone else
  • Choose a good and clear thread title like “Database error creating a new post”
  • Provide as many as detailed, relevant information and links you can to others. If you need to post code, keep it enclosed in backticks (`) or publish it on third party services (like Github) and post it as a link in your post
  • Be always polite: don’t use capitalization or any expressions like “Please it’s urgent”

Long story short: you should be able to provide clear and relevant details.